Undercurrent VidCUT/UPS video

Limited edition VHS and DVD featuring 138 minutes of video projections documented during the Undercurrentperformances and reedited to the live audio. Live performances feature: Dave Stone, Loose Screwz/Abnormal, Beauty Pageant, Animal Teeth, Times Beach, Willis, Hylidae, Cave of Swords, Hands and Feet, 18 and Counting, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Maximum Effort, NNN Cook, OuOu Magic Orchestra, Little Big Bangs, SkareKrau Radio, Cup Collector, Kingston Family Singers, Trauma Harness, Jaded Evil Lambs, Black James, and more.

 Additional video images by Kevin Harris.
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Wrong Division 


St. Louis Friday DVD
B/W 4:3 image. Live two hour edit using four CCTV cams and Videonics MX 1 mixer.  Poster for the St. Louis show by Jeremy Kannapell (not included)