​​​​​​June 18th - Saturday 4pm  <-----------------> 4142 / RFT Showcase
Live projections with audio by Mister Ben on his DJ set "No Hits".


​​​​​​November 25th - Wednesday 9pm  <-----------------> Foam / Free
Kevin Harris / Another Pink World / Trancers / Smallpox Champions - Chizmo TV live visual projections.

December 4th - Friday 8:30pm  <-----------------> Luminary / $7
DRUMMERS ONLY - A concert to benefit refugees of the Syrian Civil War - Chizmo TV live visual projections.

​The sets will take place throughout the building in rapid succession from 8:30 to 11:30. Admission is $7, but additional donations will be accepted. 

Performers include:
Drew Gowran
Louis Wall (of Wall//Marble Duo)
Kaleb Kirby (of Animal Children)
Shelly Koesterer (of Skin Tags)
Taylor Fogel (of Bug Chaser)
Melinda Cooper (of Town Cars)
Jason Potter (of Bruiser Queen)
Jeremy Brantlinger (of The Tennis Lesson)
Scott Alexander (of Dave Stone Free Jazz Unit)
+ more to be announced/revealed in the coming days!

++Projections and live visuals by Chad Eivins a.k.a. Chizmo.TV

To read more about the Syrian Refugee Crisis, this link is a great resource:http://www.iistl.org/Syria.html

December 10th - Thursday 8:30pm  <-----------------> Blankspace / $8

Filming for Black Panties music video. Additional info on the show: 

BLACK PANTIES - TOTAL PUNK RECORDS - single out on TP 10/20. performing for the first time in a while with his new band "His Magic Band".

GOLDEN PELICANS - new LP on TOTAL PUNK RECORDS. Orlando rockin n rollin classic punx. Total Punks playing total punk for those who are totally punk. 

BIB - omaha - new band, ripping hardcore from the ever fertile nebraska. 

WET ONES - kansas city - garage lords from the west coast of missouri. hoe you like to rage and pogo and throw beer and get hit a little too hard and check your lip to see if you're still bleeding before returning to rage mode. gonna need to brush your hair after this one.

LUMPY & THE DUMPERS - TOTAL PUNK RECORDS slime lords from STL, MO. catch em now while they still play local shows.

November 7th - Sunday 7pm  <----------------->

NMC Presents; Charlemagne Palestine (Church Organ Set!)
Live video documentation / projection

October 3rd - Saturday 6pm - 10pm <--------->  Industrial Fabulism: video/audio installations featuring ChizmoTV and others. Granite City Arts District and Design

August 12th - Wednesday 9pm  < . . . . . - - - - - > 
Video installation for Freezer Burn zine release.  Foam, St. Louis

June 20st - Saturday 11pm   < . . . . . - - - - - >

Live visuals for Demon Lover at the RFT Showcase.  Mixing with two JVC KY-25U cameras and video feedback.

July 1st - Wednesday 8pm   < . . . . . - - - - - >

NOiSETTE the film  - live documentation for a later VHS release this year. Expect uncomfortable gushing performances from Beauty Pageant, JANET, Trancers, and several more. It'll be captured all night with recently aquired JVC KY-25U w/ 16:1 Fujinon lens.

May 21st - Thursday 9pm  < . . . . . - - - - - > 
Dual visuals (mixer/live processing/spycams) with Chad Hickman for Ghost Ice + Louis Wall (Duo) / Trancers / DJ Jake Leech at the Taproom

May 27th - Wednesday 8pm < . . . . . - - - - - > 
Bruxism #9 - BEHINDLINGS
Chris Smentkowski and NNN Cook's Korg Monotron Delays duo.

Skarekrau Radio's transhumanist shaman presents field recordings from the Ozarks and the
Great Smoky Mountains

CHIZMO.TV (Chad Eivins)
Video artist for the Undercurrent series at Schlafly Tap Room in 2014, Chizmo.tv will display a bricolage-like rig of warped broadcast sights and sounds

DJ: Low Bias

Wednesday, May 27th
Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm

Limited Edition Chizmo.TV VHS mixtape while (vert short) supplies last!
Plus: Free cassettes!