Industrial Fabulism

Photo: Kevin Harris

with analog synthesizers and electric guitar.               Video documentation was created using CCTV cams, analog mixers/distributors/ and a VCR. The video was simultaneously projected as four large images on G-CADD buildings.

Industrial Fabulism took place October 3rd 2015 on the Granite City Arts & Design District grounds. The central theme was live interaction with an instrument/installation built with various concrete-cutting saw blades. Contact mics and various tools were used to conduct sound from the blades which were then processed  

Below is a segment of the documentation directly from the VHS tape. 

Concept / live editing, sound / CCTV cams: Chad Eivins

Structural design: Chad Hickman

Analog synthesizer / tools: Kevin Harris

Analog synthesizer / tools: Chad Hickman

Electric guitar mix: Ben Stegmann

CCTV cam: Zeng Curseo