18andCounting "R.I.P."

Video feed from the ending of Ahleuchatistas performance at TU Fest in St. Louis. The band set up in the middle of a room with two identical projections surrounding them.  Live images were created with analog video equipment consisting of: CCTV cams, security switcher , MX-1 mixer, and color corrector. An additional live projection was created for 18andCounting's performance that directly followed Ahleuchatistas.  

A new ChizmoTV mutation takes form in the embodiment of Hardbody's "Cash for God" music video.  It was videotaped with a JVC ky-25u and designed live using an MX-1 and Tachyons+ analog gear. The video features googly eyed versions of the band members: Alex Cunningham (guitar), Sean Ballard (guitar) and Joesph Hess (drums) as their signals fritz around in a 13" standard prison model TV from 2006. The TV was designed by the now defunct KTV company, KEC-Astron Phils

"Cash For God" is from upcoming split 7" with Skin Tags out in October 2015.